PTV WMS Adapter


The PTV WMS Adapter provides a WMS (Web Map Service) interface for requesting maps rendered by PTV xMap Server. Currently the PTV WMS Adapter supports version 1.1.1 and version 1.3 of OGC's (Open Geospatial Consortium) WMS specification. For detailed information about WMS, please visit OGS's web site at

The layers made available by the PTV WMS Adapter are configured in the file, which can be found in PTV xServer's conf folder. In brief, each WMS layer defines a request template, that is in turn used by the adapter to render map images via PTV xMap Server. All details on configuration can be found here.

When looking for WMS sample requests please refer to the section Sample Map Requests below. Note that all samples are based on our default configuration. Also be sure to look at our OpenLayers Demo for an interactive sample incorporating OpenLayers and the PTV WMS Adapter.

The PTV WMS Adapter can also be used for serving tiled maps. Details can be found here.


Additional transformations are necessary when requesting images using coordinate systems other than PTV's default, PTV_MERCATOR or PTV_SMARTUNITS. Technically, as those transformation cannot be done on vector elements, raw image transformations apply. Depending on the target system (e.g. EPSG:4326, WGS84), this may result in blurry images.


Sample Map Requests

OpenLayers Demo

An OpenLayers demo using the PTV WMS Adapter is available here.